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Best Wedding Photography In Kerala by Crystalline Studio offers huge oppurtunity for skilled photographers and designers world wide. An immense amount of time, care and detail go into the album design. The goal of the album design process is to combine our creative vision of your wedding day with your ideas in a collaborative effort to create a beautiful memory. Same with Wedding Videos, the wedding video editors should be really creative enough to make their dream come true. Are you interested in wedding album designing ? Best Wedding Photography In Kerala by Crystalline, our wedding photography is an iconic form of art. Again, do you wish to edit weddings like movies ?If you have the passion towards wedding album making and wedding video making ,then contact us! We need many other resources who could help with our business like light boys ,delivery boys ,assistants .One form of art that is ageless is wedding photography so to make sure that you are eligible ,please update your info with Wedding Photography Kerala.

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  • Skilled with different types of lenses and lighting
  • Coordinate with lightboys in an orderly manner
  • Able to quickly capture an emotional moment
  • Maintain different assortments of photos without loss


  • Able to visualize how an event will appear as a video
  • Keep a properly organized collection of different videos
  • A flair for cinematic looking shots
  • Able to record moments perfectly on the first take


  • Skilful with synchronizing videos with music
  • Knowledgeable with various editing tools
  • Able to colour grade shots accurately
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously


  • Have an artistic eye for collages
  • Able to come up with creative writings
  • Match album art with event themes
  • Create eye catching cover art


  • Awareness of exposure levels in a scene
  • Be a team player with both photographers and videographers
  • Be responsible for maintenance and storage of equipment
  • Able to quickly adjust lighting conditions for photographers and videographers


  • Experience in various editing tools
  • Proper knowledge of colour sciences
  • An understanding of colour wheels, contrasting combinations, grading techniques, etc.
  • Able to work with both photographers and videographers


  • Have fluent communication skills
  • Maintain contact with clients after services are provided for future prospects
  • Able to effectively communicate client needs to the team and vice versa
  • Effectively manage multiple clients in an efficient and streamlined manner


  • Keep track of various wedding trends in different cultures
  • Maintain and update various databases required by the studio
  • Gather data from previous projects to find common customer wants
  • Generating reports for collected data for the studio


  • Manage various accounts across different social media sites
  • Have a flair for writing content online
  • Knowledge of SEO to attract maximum traffic
  • Expand the reach and following of all online accounts