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Having a wedding album is a great way to tell the love story of how your family began! I know that planning a wedding is not simple or cheap. You are probably thinking that opting for a less expensive photography package will help keep your costs down. But your wedding day photos are one of the only items that will be leftover from your wedding, and you will cherish them for a lifetime. Even though wedding albums can be costly, you should consider investing in one to carry on your family’s legacy. Can you picture yourself flipping through the pages of your wedding album with your children or your grandchildren?

I remember as a child, my grandmother tenderly telling us stories from the past. She used to tell us about the family members that were no longer with us and all about her and grandpa’s young days. Unfortunately, I had to imagine most of it, because she did not have the photos to illustrate the story of her life. In modern times, we can easily illustrate every grandmother’s story. It makes me filled with joy and happiness to hand-design wedding albums for my clients. My hope is that one day their future generation can flip through the pages of their story.

Kerala Wedding Album

kerala wedding album

Kerala wedding album


I don’t think I need to write much about this one! We all know how quickly technology changes in our fast-paced world. A few years ago, when I got married, digital wedding photographers were proudly delivering final images on a personalized DVD. Guess what? In order for me to access my images, I had to buy an external disk drive to connect to my computer. And, I recently had to buy an adaptor to plug into the disk drive because my laptop no longer has a USB port. How crazy is that?! PS: I only got married 7 years ago.

Now imagine the same thing happening to USB drives in just a few short years!

Kerala wedding album


You planned your dream wedding for months. You spent several thousand dollars on your special day. Why not show it off? Ok, you may say: “I did, I shared the images on social media”. I get that! While I am a huge fan of instagram, just like technology, we don’t know how long these websites and content outlets will be available. You may not even remember, but just a few years ago Orkut was the most popular social networking website where people were sharing pictures. And yes, you guessed it right. It no longer exists!

Also, albums make great coffee table decor at your new home! Your dinner guests can flip through the pages of your wedding album and relive one of the best days of your life. Those who were not in attendance at your wedding will get to see how beautiful and detailed your day was.

Lastly, most couples never end up printing their photos. Can you believe that?! Couples who don’t choose printing through their photographer, almost never print their wedding day photos! Day to day life goes by so quickly and suddenly you realize years have come and gone and you still haven’t printed your photos. By choosing a photography package with an album you are guaranteed to have your album just a few months after saying “I do”.


Kerala wedding album


Ok, this one is an extra reason why you should invest in a wedding album with your photographer. I can’t emphasize it enough! Quality! You spent a huge chunk of your wedding budget on professional photography, why should you then print your images at a place that will not match the quality of professional images you paid for? When you print (albums, regular print, or products) through your photographer, you are ensuring that those beautiful images you downloaded will be printed on paper with premier quality and color match. 

Kerala wedding album