Traditional Wedding Photography In Kottayam

Traditional Wedding Photography In Kottayam - Kerala

Cuteness overloaded! Once in a while, in the middle of usual esprit, love bestows us a fairytale. Though a handful, Kottayam ensured a gentle retreat where mounts talk to the breezes, rivers flow through the cascade gurgles, cascade signature and waterfalls the cascades. A mastery of the soft, organic, classic, and timeless look - deeply romantic, that's timeless in sensibility and style. This is how we describe our beautiful wedding brunch of Deepak and Reshma Utterly held with the warmth after encountering the charm of wedding festivities, our frames unfold the stunning doors of emotion and the aesthetic of a portrayal. The sacred elation and chemistry underlined the framing of the cascade signature couple shots. 
A light warm tone of the picture is heaved to match with the elegant touches of Deepak and Reshma’s wedding. There is an eternal amount of cuteness in the shot of the pair celebrating and relishing their special moment. Minimal yet classic nude makeup and the charming getup of the couple were aced to perfection that won an explicit sight. The replenishing photographs fascinated to capture the heartwarming occasion that enhanced the core of true love. With an intimate and artistic aesthetic, we have concentrated on achieving a rejuvenating visual experience paired with crisp portrait quality and proficient grading methods

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The Kerala wedding traditions are divided into many caste based on  Hindu, Nair, Christian and Muslim and so on . Each rituals has some roots that are in synchronised with traditional Kerala.Kerala is known for the best mix of traditional and emotional marriages.Even wedding happens in heavy rainfall season and in hot sunny season.Several people come from different cities, or countries to celebrate their weddings due to Kerala’s splendid natural beauty.

Every culture has its own unique customs that make it special in its own way. These are the rituals of a Kerala Hindu wedding that make it a simple affair and yet so beautiful and elegant. The bride has her own poise and the groom brings a sense of magnificence to the wedding. check out the below images that give a glimse of Kerala Hindu wedding , Kerala Hindu wedding video can be watched here


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