Hindu Wedding Traditions

There are several customs that are observed during Hindu weddings. One of these traditions is photography. For many Hindus, the wedding is a very sacred and important event. One approach to preserving the memories of this memorable day is through wedding photography. There are many Hindu wedding photography blogs out there. Crystalline Wedding Photography Kerala explains the Hindu Wedding Traditions through this blog.

Hindu wedding traditions

There are many traditions that are associated with a Hindu wedding. Some of these traditions are very old and have been handed down from generation to generation, while others are more modern and have developed over time. Here is a look at some of the most popular Hindu wedding traditions:

  1. The engagement ceremony, or sagai, is usually conducted a few months before the wedding. The families of the bride and groom formally announce their decision to wed during this ceremony. The families then share gifts and blessings during a feast that follows.
  2. The mehndi ceremony is another pre-wedding tradition in which the bride has henna applied to her hands and feet. This is often done a few days before the wedding, and the mehndi is considered to be a symbol of good luck.
  3. The bride and groom will both wear traditional Indian attire on the wedding day. The groom will often wear a sherwani, while the bride will usually wear a sari or lehenga. During the wedding ceremony itself, there are several rituals that take place.
  4. These include the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom, as well as the tying of thali, which is a sacred thread that symbolizes their union. Following the ritual, the pair will walk seven times around a sacred fire, or saat pheras.
  5. The bride will typically leave her parents' house after the saat pheras and move in with her husband's family. It is referred to as griha pravesh.

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